If this wiki has helped you in any way, please consider donating some PTS to the addresses below

PTS Donation Addresses

Ganoobie:  PcsBgdLYEwd7Hjr1uShQceGT1fMLYxB2oW

sirdevil:      PfxFs91AoAw8PnDnzCDy6dXExpfMrAaWPc

luigi1111: PgTm2ZUzDpMdbkSrMudyGRLSsKjWGWR4TH 

anatom:  PiCSzNWrJqtVroof1n5t5oBwMpiC48NjNX

tobyjattke:  PbwSJGQQqrxJKfFjyFVGLjd1vnEBkW1wX7

XPM Donation Addresses

Ganoobie:  AQSHkqkr6VWYT8sBCa7ozw7Ri47qb2gfza

AeroCloud:  AFv6FpGBqzGUW8puYzitUwZKjSHKczmteY


DOGE Donation Addresses

Ganoobie:   DNVXZHxsR4Ju7NaSsrCznZpKQa8qsxVzjy

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