Glossary Edit

Abbreviations and shortenings are on a separate page
Balance (PTS) or (XPM)
The amount of Confirmed PTS, XPM (or what ever coin you are mining) you have in your account at Ypool. To see the balance of another type of coin you have to switch your Current coin mode.
Current coin mode
This shows your current mode for mining. The pages under Account, Workers and Stats reflects the current coin mode selected. To change the current coin mode, click on the coin symbol and then select the type you want.
This shows the total amount of shares you found during the last round of mining (about one minute?). This does NOT correspond to a specific amount of PTS, XPM or similar. This reflects you share of the total work done by you and everyone else and the amount of coin you earn depends on how big the total value of the coin was mined and on how many shares there is in total for this round. Also note that Share values are determined completly different depending on if it is PTS shares or XPM shares.
Unconfirmed Balance
This is the amount of the selected coin type that is waiting for confirmation. As soon as a block are confirmed the value you've earned for that block will be moved from the Unconfirmed Balance to the Balance. The time for confirmation varies over time but as a rough estimate it is (as per December 11, 2013) about 6 hours for PTS and 15 hours for XPM.