Unconfirmed balanceEdit

When you find any value this is in an unconfirmed state. It takes some time before the mined value are confirmed by others. Since there is some chance that someone else have found the same value at about the same time, the system needs some time to make sure that the claim of the value belongs to you (i.e. ypool) before it will be a confirmed value.

The time needed to confirm a value varies over time and are also different depending on the type of coin you are working with. To estimate how long time you need to wait for you unconfirmed coins to be transfered to the confirmed balance:

  1. Select the appropriate coin type.
  2. Goto "(MUCH) STATS" and select "(much) blocks found".
  3. Check the date and time of the newest block found.
    • In reality we need to know the time "now" but since the ypool server most probably will be in some other time zone than you, this way will give you a fair idea of the "now" at the ypool server). Or just use UTC and skip this step.
  4. Go down in the list (often several pages) and find the first block that is marked as [PAID]
    • If more than 100 blocks down, you have to first click on "show last 2000 blocks" at the right.
  5. Note the time and date of this block.
  6. Calculate the time difference between this blocks and you have a fair estimate of the current confirmation time.
The confimation time will differ over time, but as an EXAMPLE the times needed for confirmation I got when writing this (2014-01-06) where:
  • DOGE 1h
  • PTS 7h
  • XPM 15h